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Previctry Premises Wiring System Experts
EPS Electronic Distributionv System
Routing management system and wiring system, modular structure relative independence. System by intelligent distribution frames, intelligent jumper cables, cable and physical management software and hardware interface way, except their specific communication esrtuary also has the etheric network interface, support the TCP/IP protocol, and the general agreement, convenient connection network.

Physical Properties Constitute

  • Robert EPS host(Master)
  • EPS expansion, instrument(Expander)
  • Robert EPS scanners(Scaner)
  • Robert EPS electronic distribution frames(Electronics Patch Panel)
  • Electronic fiber distribution frames, EPS(Electronics Optic Fiber Panel)
  • With induction, EPS jumper(Patch Cord with Senser)
  • Robert EPS connection accessories(EPS Accesaries)
  • Robert EPS management software(Management Software)
System Performance and Features:
  • 1, provide real-time wiring facilities, and can be used for monitoring information of mobile, increase wiring system, so that changes and automatic control, create line investigation wiring.
  • 2, automatic detection monitoring on the link equipment (including network equipment), and can automatically generate reflects the monitoring reports of the link, reflecting the system status. Unauthorized access network equipment, the system can automatically alarm.
  • 3 and management software of database system design, user SQL2000 to any number of port records management need not add additional fees.
  • 4, electronically prior planning, processing and distribution, and all moving state of change, use the document distribution frames to guide LED display equipment technical personnel to complete the change.
  • 5, equipped with good graphic platform, can adopt CAD software architecture plan to display information points and related equipment and working conditions, can be all information points and related equipment according to its actual buildings in the distribution in the management system.
  • 6 and system using graphical interface, and management of configuration editing functions (can provide all products of the library), all management system icon and actual wiring components, with a powerful functions, management system can online through the network of connection and Telnet etc, and real-time cabling system in the management system to provide specific solutions to ensure the safety of the management system of safe and reliable,
  • 7 and the management system of information points and related equipment with information query, orientation, increase, delete, update, and the function such as real-time events, the historical events and statements of automatic generation, records, retrieval, editing functions,
  • 8 and power system malfunction or abnormal, the system can automatically scans, the synchronization of database system can record, cable port point-to-point connection tracking information points, the function and the function of user records and search function,
  • In September, network equipment conditions, under the situation of any support for hardware jumper (such as abnormal changes, etc) change or connected to the network connection interruption, can according to the change of personnel management to provide light field connections and display hige breakpoint information and on the server and alarm, automatically generating e-mails, and relevant personnel can copy will be sent to the corresponding information on mobile phones and pagers (SMS); or voice
  • 10 and in the light of intelligence cabling system log and record all can conduct periodic history data backup, restore through cabling system and reality,
  • According to the user's demand, and the historical data can be customized to specific functions, such as graphic display, reports, etc, and inquires condition combination can be historical data using a variety of ways, and can support output secondary development,
  • 12 and intelligent wiring system meets with the third party and UNICENTER OPENVIEW network management software integration and combination,
  • 13 and the management system can be no restrictions on the number of future expansion, and convenient,
  • 14 and network management system can directly positioning workspace terminal equipment and switch port, to detect the location of all network equipment connect, graphs, and supports real-time update, can record and networking computer IP and MAC address, and the change of equipment for real-time scanning can update. For wiring system equipment, link, port information query, contains text and graphics, and statistical information function,
  • 15 and the network layer information can be fully and wiring, the organic combination of the information needed to all of network equipment IP address and MAC address and its physical address, can effectively guarantee the corresponding network security, without the authorization by illegal virtual IP address for the determination of the physical address, thus find its position, can effectively protect the intrusion of LAN,
  • 16 and provide an important link in the security protection, enhance safety, through the connection circuit connection tracking online monitoring and users to protect the network connection unimpeded and identify illegal goods, protection against infringement,
  • 17 and can provide perfect log management function, can call historical records, can query lines, equipment adjustment,
  • 18 and provide different statements, such as network equipment assets, statements, a detailed list statements, network flow and utilization reports, etc. Enable managers to more easily management network resources. Reduce the cost and physical infrastructure to improve income, improve the use of resources within the scope of specific plans and the accuracy of the asset management, resources to maximize the efficiency,
  • 19, system management platform for B/S structure, function, can provide the WEB interface, IE browsing, can achieve the above authorization in remote real-time data transmission and management. System provides several levels to access control mechanism of safety, only have legitimate access to personnel can control system.
  • EPS network structure:
  • EPS system is the most advanced intelligent management solutions IPLMS (physical) of the latest hardware configuration. Provides a complete and accurate physical connectivity, EPS standard components configuration design to provide the most greatly. Use new EPS expansion, can let the system like a waterfall from EPS host to multiple level. Such a level of system allows scan in SMART connection plate on the countless port.
  • EPS has more advantages, it allows users in a large range of geography, use the same time a host system can monitor at eight.
  • We can get by diagram provided electronic management system network cabling physical structure